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Spring Fling 2016 & Annual Meeting

April 28th


@ Aldario's in Milford

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Annual Calendar
Jan 31 The submission deadline for annual awards is January 31st
May 1-15 Annual Election of Officers
June Annual Membership Drive - Membership Renewal
Oct 25 '16 Conference 2016, Aqua Turf Club - Joint CASL/CECA Conference

Note - CASL Membership runs from Jul 1st to June 30th

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ISTE Conference

Did you miiss ISTE 2016 in Denver? Or want to revisit what you learned?

Check out the presentations here


CASL Awards

The CASL Award winners for 2016 have been chosen!

-- 2016 Awards Winners List --

We thank everyone who applied. There were many outstanding applicants, and if you were not a winner this year we urge you to apply for an award next year.

Award winners were honored at the Spring Fling on April 28th.

ESSA Resources

Please visit the website for a new PowerPoint on the implications of ESSA and a blog post on the topic written by Sara Kelly Johns.

Nutmeg Book Awards

The 2016 Nutmeg Book Award winners have been selected:

  • Elementary Level: Jedi Academy by Jeffrey Brown
  • Intermediate Level: The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate
  • Teen Level: Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan
  • High School Level: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Check the Nutmeg Website for second place honors and all voting totals!

2017 Nominees Announced!

The Nutmeg Website has full details for the 2017 Elementary Nominees (Grades 2-4); Intermediate Nominees (Grades 4-6); the Teen Nominees (Grades 7-8); and the High School Nominees (Grades 9-12).

PDF of all levels

Promotional Materials

2016 Materials

If you would like to order labels or bookmarks for the 2016 nominees, please print out the Order Form and send it in.

2017 Materials

2017 labels and bookmarks are also now available. Please print the 2017 order form and send it in. Thanks for supporting us!

ALA: e-Book Media & Communications Toolkit

ALA has launched resources to assist librarians with publicizing e-Book lending practicies in your libraries.

Materials include, FAQs, guidelines, templates, graphics, etc.

Visit the Toolkit for more information.

Turnitin - Discount from CLC

The CT Library Consortium (CLC) has negotiated a considerable savings for Turnitin. See their website for more details. Order deadline is May 1.

CASL Advocates for School Library Media Specialists

State and local governments are experiencing unprecedented budget deficits. The local board of education budget is often 70% or more of a town’s entire budget. In addition, the majority of the education budget is salary. To avoid even larger deficits many towns are reducing their education personnel. Teachers of the “specials” (physical education, art, music, special education and library media specialists) are often the first to be laid off. While CASL as a non-profit organization cannot lobby, it can advocate for school library media specialists.

  1. Professional Development: CASL provides professional development activities so library media specialists can excel at their job and remain up-to-date on 21st century skills. Consider attending the 2010 conference and look for information about Saturday workshops offered during the academic year.
  2. State level advocacy: CASL seeks ways to collaborate with the State Department of Education. The retirement of Art Skerker left school library media specialists without a representative in the State Department of Education. CASL is seeking other people to present our needs to the State Department of Education and the State Board of Education.
  3. National advocacy: The President and Vice-President of CASL attend AASL Affiliate Assembly at the American Library Association (ALA) midwinter and annual meetings. They present both commendations and concerns to AASL for national action.
  4. Recognizing best practice: CASL’s Awards Program recognizes outstanding programs and library media specialists. Award winners receive a letter that is usually shared with their building and district administrators publicizing how library media specialists impact student learning.
  5. Toolkits: CASL is preparing toolkits and AASL already has several toolkits that library media specialists can use to promote their programs and show teachers, administrators and parents the impact of their program on student learning. Visit the Toolkit page to access these useful tools
LMC News

Cassandra Barnett, president of AASL, put together this chart (PDF) comparing AASL Standards, P21 and ISTE Nets.