CASL Membership

What is CASL?
CASL is your professional organization serving the needs of approximately 1000 school library media specialists in the Connecticut.  CASL is affiliated with the New England School Library Association (NESLA - formerly NEEMA) and the American Association of School Librarians (AASL). CASL can provide you with regional and national viewpoints on professional issues. 

How CASL Serves You in Your Many Roles
CASL wants to support you in your multiple roles as teacher, instructional collaborator, information specialist and program administrator.  CASL understands that your school library is essential to the development of learning skills and you play a major role in advancing student achievement. CASL advocates for the implementation of the Standards for the 21st Century Learner, the CT Information and Technology Literacy Framework and the skills delineated by the CT Partnership for 21st Century Education.

  • Advocate for exemplary technology programs
  • Advocate for exemplary library programs
  • Advocate for a certified school library media specialist at every school library

Professional and Personal Growth
Think of your professional and personal growth, and become a CASL member. CASL offers a variety of continuing education products, services and programs in cost-effective accessible formats including conferences, workshops, and publications. CASL is a CEU provider.  CASL provides professional development in the CASL Ning, which provides information of issues, events, and best practices.

  • CASL Ning
  • Annual Conference
  • Workshops

CASL encourages networking and community building through participation on the Board, joining the list serv to network, stating opinions on the three CASL wikis, reading the web page and going to workshops and conferences

  • CASL-L
  • CASL Board wiki; CASL website wiki; CASL Conference wiki
  • Spring Fling

As a CASL member, you are eligible to

  • to become a member of the list serv, CASL-L and can post questions and network with other members.  CASL –L will soon be a members-only LIST-SERV.
  • for an award and to nominate people for awards
  • for a $1000 collaboration grants
  • for a $1000 scholarship if you are enrolled in a Connecticut accredited graduate program leading to certification as a School Library Media Specialist
  • to submit your web page to be selected as the LMC web site of the month
  • to vote in the election for CASL officers
  • to participate in surveys about issues in our profession and about CASL
  • to receive e-mail about workshops, events, issues, CASL Ning updates, etc.
  • to be a mentor or be matched with a mentor

Already a member?  Become more active in CASL by joining the Board.  We meet the first Wednesday of school months, as indicated on the Board Meetings page.


Join CASL/Renew Membership by completing the application form.